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CLICK HERE :: Farhan Anis Vise President Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan in Conference on BurnsHealth Asia is the biggest ever health event in the history of Pakistan which provides enormous opportunities of learning, information sharing & cooperation and match making to all the stakeholders in the health sector. The Event shall comprise Exhibition and Conferences on latest research & developments / innovations on health, medicine, laboratory technology, diagnostics, surgery, transplants, physiotherapy, patients’ referrals, diets etc.. Delegations from Ministry of Health of OIC and Asian Countries, Hospitals of international repute, Medical Institutions, Pharmaceutical Companies are major participants of Health Asia.

The Contemporary world is observing a transition in the perception of development and progress. People talk more about quality rather than quantity of life. Human development indices incorporate health as a major indicator to assess development of nations and civil society. An efficient health sector maximizing potentials of all related areas is the need of the hour.

Health Asia is being organized to bring all the possible stake holders of health on board. New streams will emerge from this gigantic reservoir to provide specifics to specifics and identify avenues to rationalize the handling of multi trillion $ health industry.

Those who have the vision to see beyond what exists now will out bid those who lack dynamism.

Health Asia is directed towards making investors specially from OIC & Asian Countries realize the conducive and congenial investment environment in Pakistan on one hand and maximizing the potential of locally manufactured equipment and instruments along with locally trained human resource for export potentials, on the other.

CLICK HERE :: international health & pharmaceutical exhibition organized by Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan, life sciences pharmaceutical research biotechnology, industry pharmaceutical, pharmaceuticals news, healthcare technology, health center, health benifits, public awareness health conferences, pharma industry regulatory affairs The event shall be mainly divided into state of the art conferences and exhibition.

Internationally reputed hospitals, medical universities, pharmaceutical companies, official delegations of ministries of health of all OIC and Asian countries, medical equipment manufactures are the major participants of Health Asia.

Health care professionals including doctors, policy makers, support medical services and material/product providers from the local as well as the international market will also attend this event.

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